Caroline L Gitsham Consulting: a success story at Hope Street Xchange 

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Caroline L Gitsham Consulting has been our longest-standing tenant since February 2017 and exists to encourage, challenge, and inspire people to enhance their contribution to customers, communities, and society. The eponymous Caroline Gitsham herself stands out as an inspirational and visionary commercial leader with vast business experience.

The journey was kickstarted in year 2016 with Caroline looking to shift her career. She shares, “I started this company in 2016 after being made redundant. I just thought I’ll see where the wind takes me, and if it doesn’t take off, I must get a proper job, and I’ve never looked back.” Choosing not to stick to the strict business plan, Caroline’s organic approach has led her to diverse opportunities.

Caroline L Gitsham Consulting offers a range of services, including facilitating business strategy events, innovation, change, and transformation initiatives, business research, policy review, and more. With extensive experience in areas such as housing management, health and wellbeing, and community engagement, the consultancy provides a valuable resource for a variety of clients. 

When she came to Hope Street Xchange to explore one of our main venue spaces Caroline found the ideal office, too. She says “Initially I came to have a look at the event space, and I fell in love with the place. I loved the vibe“. Caroline notes, “being part of the Hope Street community is brilliant. The staff here are welcoming and friendly, and having a professional reception is a real positive.”

Caroline L Gitsham Consulting has grown successfully within a supportive environment. Caroline is pleased with the progress, saying that, “The business has gone from strength to strength. I don’t have to go out and find clients anymore, they find me.”

Caroline values the community-building efforts at Hope Street Xchange, particularly the events that celebrate occasions like International Women’s Day. She extends an invitation, saying, “Come and have a look; you won’t be disappointed. The easy in, easy out terms mean that you have flexibility without the risk.” 

Hope Street Xchange has proven to be a place to thrive for Caroline’s business and her journey serves as an inspiration for those seeking a balance between business growth and community engagement in this innovative workspace. 

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